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2046 is the year my daughter will be my age. What do we want our children's future to look like?

Time is running out. Climate change will change our children's world forever, unless we change now.

2046 is a group of parents taking positive action against climate change.

Have fun, save money and do your bit today!

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  1. Parents against climate change

    As parents we want to do everything we can for our children.

    If we don't drastically change our societies' addiction to fossil fuels we will leave them a broken, unfixable planet.

    Do your bit today to lessen your footprint, spread the message, and tell the people in charge what they need to do too. Our list of ten things is a great starting place to find out things you can do which will make a difference. How many are you doing? How many more could you do?

    It doesn't need to be hard, will save you money and make you happier and healthier, and your kids will thank you for it.

    Stay in touch with all things 2046 and let us know what you're doing to make a difference.

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  1. "In the last 24 hours I've started research into our local divestment campaign"

    Mum, and 2046 member

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